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Как 74-летняя Джоан стала сенсацией в Instagram и учителем 1,3 миллиона подписчиков

Если вы посетите веб-сайт Джоан , вы увидите, что ее девиз: «Если я могу это сделать, то и ты». И это очень верно, если вы представите, что она начала свой путь, когда ей было 70 лет, и ее здоровье ухудшалось. Ей отчаянно нужна была перемена, так как даже ходить вверх и вниз по лестнице было болезненно из-за артрита и того, что она не в форме. Поэтому она решила изменить свою жизнь и инвестировать в свое физическое и психическое здоровье.

Ее дочь Мишель побудила ее отправиться в путь.

Joan knew very well that if she didn’t change her lifestyle, the doctor would increase her medication. Michelle approached Joan in tears and told her that if she didn’t do something she would end up in a nursing home. That’s when Joan started taking part in a group of women who all wanted to change their habits. As time went by, her performance at the gym was getting better and the pounds were starting to drop off.

In less than 4 years, Joan has lost almost 70 pounds and has reached her goal weight. “Right now my goal is to continue to lift heavier over time in the gym and stay consistent with the habits that I have built since starting this transformation.”

There were times that she wanted to give up.

“I didn’t want to go back to the place I started. I also knew that if I didn’t stick to this lifestyle that I would be compromising my health. I didn’t want to end up in a hospital or a nursing home.” She knew that her pace was slow, but she was confident that her hard work would pay off for the rest of her life.

Now, she has reached a place in her fitness journey where she feels like a different person. She is more confident doing her workout in the gym and has a deep understanding of creating healthy and balanced meals. She is now having 5 meals a day, taking supplements, and training 5 days a week. Her 2 days off are dedicated to relaxation and spending time with her family.

Learning how to work with technology wasn’t easy.

“My daughter was the one that signed me up for Instagram as a way for me to connect with others. As I started posting about my story more and more people started following me.” However, there were times that she would cry over technology and her inability to grasp everything fast. But, she never gave up on herself and her goal, and kept on going.

Now, she just loves connecting with other women and men who are trying to get rid of their bad habits. She has learned so much from her own journey, that helping others do the same is very meaningful to her. She wants everyone to know that a journey like hers won’t be easy, but she wishes to give people the confidence to start.

Her advice is to stick to your plan and don’t give up.

“Transformation is hard but it is worth it and that’s why you need to stick with it. If you are just starting out, do what you can. You may only be able to walk 3 blocks and that is ok. Start with walking those 3 blocks on a regular basis until you can do a little bit more.”

“I also suggest tracking food intake with a free app and looking at water intake.” Her daughter Michelle, who trained her, says that it is vital for people who want to transform their lives to change their mindset. It is mental strength that will give them the drive they need to perform better and stop being fearful of change.

Вы чувствуете, что вам нужно кардинально изменить свой образ жизни? Если да, то как такая история, как история Джоан, помогает вам двигаться в этом направлении?

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